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Frequently asked questions and answers regarding the regular use of the service.

Regulations & Licenses

Who can access these offers?
The offers presented are accessible only to professionals of the G.D.O. (Large Organized Distribution), Ho.Re.Ca. (Hotel, Restaurant, Catering), Vending

Registration is only available to professionals of the above industries.
How does the site work?
Who can place offers?
Validity of Offers?
How do I register?
Agreement between Subscribers and the Platform
As the subscriber, you will undertake to use the platform correctly and the platform staff will undertake to provide a correct operation and support to all members
Professional Courtesy
How does the platform work?
Each User is responsible for his own data

Support and data processing

Online Assistance
Online support through timely response tickets.
Support Faq?
Discussion Forum
Support Via Internal Messaging
Support Hours
How is privacy managed?
The platform offers on an advanced system of privacy management that allows full control of the user to manage it in total autonomy. Users define which fields to show and to whom, both on a public level (visible to all) and to registered users.
How will my data be processed?
Will I receive a newsletter?
Can I deactivate my account?
I have deactivated my account can I reactivate it?

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