360 ° Consulting

For some time now it has become essential for producers to be able to find market outlets beyond national borders. The stagnation of the market, the growing concentration of purchasing groups, the problems related to payment times, the need to divide the commercial risk have made export a key factor for entrepreneurial success.
The "Made in Italy" brand, synonymous with quality, tradition and taste, is currently the highest selling brand on foreign markets: however, the guarantee of "Italianness" is not alone enough to ensure a lasting presence on the markets.
Jentaculum offers 360 ° advice for those wishing to deal with foreign markets, both in the preparatory phase and in consolidation. In practice, the following services are available, either individually or in the form of an "export package" or "business plan package":

Stuffing Analysis
Presence of any ingredients that are not allowed or subject to restrictions

Assistance for obtaining required or appropriate certifications

Packaging Analysis
More suitable weightings related to consumption habits.
Labeling: general lay-out, nutritional tables, translations

Verification of the Trademark and Logotype
Possible preclusion of the use of a trademark and / or registration of the same.

Study of new products development

Competition Analysis
Positioning of competing products / brands, related distribution and marketing policies

Commercial Strategy Development

Promotional and communication strategy development

Complete assistance during the sale phase
Customs document processing (packing list, invoices, certificates, etc.) and administrative (international payments guarantees)

Development Plans
In addition, by arranging top-tier financial experts, Jentaculum prepares multi-year development plans, or complete business plans, that can (re) direct the company in a targeted way towards consolidating the positions acquired, the acquisition of new customers.

Assistance and/or research partner
For agreements of co-production and creation of a company / foreign branch.

Communication, Digital Media, Graphics and Web Consulting
Our team will be responsible for: developing a complete system of corporate identity or product brand, defined in every step and strategy, from the logo to the business card, from the banner to the company brochure, from the leaflet and / or product catalog to the packaging.
Digital Marketing is booming, so it is necessary to be present on the various channels, creating contacts with potential users through planning

structural strategy through effective contents to be conveyed through the most widespread platforms: facebook, linkedin, instagram.
Regarding the Web we will perform Analysis of business positioning, analysis of competitors, main objectives of the website, creative design (intervention at the level of: content and images) Channels of promotion.


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